Apr 13


Mar 31

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Mar 31

a. Cal

b. Desdemona

c. Chapter 11

d. Obscure Object

e. Ben Sheer

f. Matt

g. Jane Marsh

h. Peter Tarkasis

i. Marius

j. Mrs. Object

K. Jimmy Z.

L. Zora

N. Eleutherios

O. Mike

P. Julie Kikuchi

Q. Clem Stark

R. Zo

Mar 14

Due any day between now and April 4, 2014 @ 2:30

3,000 to 4,000 words.

Identify a truth presented in literature.

Use 2-3 sources to support your thesis.

Must be cited correctly (MLA format — any questions about that, see me)

Mar 03

New syllabus: middlesex-syllabus.pdf

Be through the Henry Ford chapter for Wednesday

Jan 30

We went over the Heart of Darkness practice quiz.

Then you took these two quizzes: heart-book-one-quiz.pdf and term-quiz-_-3.pdf

Poems presented on Monday / with terms notes and class discussion on Heart of Darkness 

Jan 17

Here are two items for Heart of Darkness.

Have the notes / questions filled out for Part One when we come back after the mid-term week.



Jan 16

See attached: ap-mid-term-14.pdf

Jan 08

Here is your essay that will be due by the end of Thursday’s class with the substitute: waiting-ap-prompts.pdf

Here is the up-to-date syllabus (unchanged since I handed it out): ap-syll-128.pdf 

Jan 06

Tomorrow we will cover the highlights of the notes I gave you today.

Then I will give you a quiz that runs to 168. Further discussion will ensue.

AP Lit 2014